Eating Plans

Eating Program 1

Morning Before Workout:

Blend Juice: raw spinach, raw broccoli, lemon slice, cucumber, cayenne pepper and honey, add water and blend.
Cup of raw Oats with 2 egg whites and sprinkle Fitmiss Protein Shake over.

TABLETS (please see below)
1 x Apple
Post Training shake: Fitmiss Protein Shake, Whey Protein and 2 egg whites.

Lunch: Steamed hake or haddock with sweet potatoes and pumpkin, (can add Basmati rice)

(Alternate fish with Chicken Breasts or Lean Steak, cooked with olive oil and lemon juice)

Shake: Whey Protein shake.

1 x Apple
5 x Almonds
Dinner: Steamed or Grilled chicken or Fish with green veggies (spinach, broccoli ect) and mixed salad.
NitroPure is a Casein Protein shake, which is a slow release protein.
Whey Protein shake, fast release Protein

TABLETS: 1 x Shape (fat Burner), Omega oils, Multi Vitamin, Vit C.

Grapefruit Diet Weight Loss – Eating Plan 2


Blend the following:
Raw spinach, cucumber, broccoli, lemon, honey and cayenne pepper. Add water, blend and enjoy!!!!!

Every Morning:
Grapefruit 1 or 2 boiled eggs 


Monday: Lunch: Fruit salad
Dinner: Grilled Steak, tomato and grapefruit juice
Tuesday: Lunch: Cold 200g Chicken, tomato and grapefruit
Dinner: 2 eggs, mixed salad, dry toast, grapefruit and black coffee
Wednesday: Lunch: 2 Eggs, tomato and black coffee
Dinner: 2 chops, celery, cucumber, tomato and black coffee
Thursday: Lunch: Fruit salad banner + Avo
Dinner: Grilled steak, tomato and grapefruit
Friday: Lunch: 2 eggs, spinach and black coffee
Dinner: Fish, salad, dry toast, grapefruit and black coffee
Saturday: Lunch: 2 eggs, spinach and black coffee
Dinner: grilled steak, cucumber, celery, tomato and black coffee and grapefruit
Sunday: Lunch: Fruit salad
Dinner: Chicken, tomato, grapefruit, carrots, cabbage and black coffee and grapefruit

1. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day.
2. Keep in mind, the diet is a chemical diet and if you can incorporate a few more cups of black coffee, no sugar, the BETFER!!!!!
3. Please bring in a Multivitamin and Vitamin C. This is to keep the immune System UP!!
4. It is advisable to add a supplement of Omega Oils as well.
5. The Grapefruit is KEY in this Diet, therefore please don’t leave it out, EVER!!! Grapefruit has extreme fat burning properties.
6. All meals that need to be cooked, should be grilled and olive oil and lemon juice may be used.

EXERCISE: A form of Training daily is Best!! Even if it’s walking the dog!!

Eat less sugar, you’re sweet enough already !!

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