Hardcore Magma Thermogenic


Directions for Use:
Start up serving size is one capsule. A gradual increase of up to but not exceeding 4 capsules is advised to assess tolerance over 8 weeks. It is strongly advised to not exceed recommended dosage. A recommended cessation of 2 weeks is advised before re-commencing the usage of Mercury Hardcode Magma Thermogenic. Do not take 6 hours prior to sleep. The dosage requirements may vary dependant on body to mass and physiological sensitivity experienced. Mercury Hardcore Magma Thermogenic is best taken on an empty stomach 30-40 minutes before exercise. This product should not be used by people who display a high sensitivity to stimulants. Mercury Hardcore Magma Thermogenic is best used for fat loss in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet and cardiovascular exercise regimen. Mercury Hardcore Magma Thermogenic induces potent thermogenic activity and as a result, increasing water and electrolyte intake is advised to compensate the body’s fluid loss from perspiration during exercise. Dink at least 3 liters of water per day.

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